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Art Show

Requests for registration should be sent by post to GPO Box G429, PERTH WA 6948. There is an online submission form, or a PDF. Payment should be arranged for the same time your item is delivered to the Art Show.

The Swancon Art Show is open to Australian residents or Swancon 2006 members only.

The theme of the competition is “Renaissance – A New Beginning”

Entries must not have been previously published, nor have been the recipient of a prize. You must state on the entry form if the piece is an original or a reproduction.  Reproductions or prints from digitally created works are allowed, though only one of any particular piece may be hung.  All work must be the original work of the artist.  All reproduction rights remain the property of the artist. 

The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Entrants must agree to have their entries published on a website, although Renaissances 2006 is under no obligation to do so.

You may enter as many pieces as you like but a 2 (two) dollar entry fee is required to be paid for each piece. You may mail in your entry if for some reason you are unable to attend.  Supporting Members are encouraged to enter the Art Show.

Do not send your artwork with your registration form, as more information will be forwarded to you as conformation of your registration.

If you have any queries or require the full set of Art Show terms and conditions please e-mail

Thank You

- Tracey Sorensen, Art Show Coordinator.

All other competitions have closed. We thank your for participating in Swancon 2006!

Tin Ducks

The updated Tin Duck voting form is now up on the web! Submit it by post to the address listed, or drop it off at the con!