Upcoming Events


Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon Guest of Honour Dinner
Wednesday 1st March
Dusit Thai Restaurant (James St, Northbridge)
$50 per head, multi course banquet dinner.
There are a large number of vegetarian options available upon request.
- Banquet Menu

Ippongi Bang and Danny Oz Guest of Honour Dinner
Tuesday 7th March
Hogs Breath Cafe (Lake St, Northbridge)
$50 per head, 3 course steak dinner.
There are vegetarian options available upon request.
- Party Menu
- Consumption Package

Tickets can be purchased from committee members, and queries can be directed to Ju. No bookings will be accepted without full payment. No part payments will be accepted. Ju can provide you with electronic bank transfer details upon request.

Past Events


29th: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
211 people joined us to see the long awaited classic on the big screen.


21st: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
105 people joined us to rejoice in the magic, or witness the horror that is the final of the prequels.


10th: Mr and Mrs Smith
"Spy couple working for opposite sides go head to head!"
Starring: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
79 people turned up to watch a young couple revitalise their marriage through superior firepower and explosives.

17th: Batman Begins
"Back to where it all began... where the bat and the man collide"
102 people showed up to swoon over Christian Bale in what may be the best Batman film yet.


1st: War of the Worlds
35 people paid homage to the HG Wells classic starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning.

8th: Fantastic Four
Despite trailers that seemed to suggest this comic remake would be something of a flop, the 85 attendees were pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and funny the film was.

Sin City (In Melbourne and Perth)
Two states converged and joined together to enjoy the Frank Miller classic. 70 people attended across both states to enjoy what is hailed as Robert Rodriguez' best ever film. Stunningly visual, artistic and noir, the movie truly brings the comic book to life.

21st: Dr. Who Live Stage Show: Inside the Tardis
Report from this event coming soon!

23rd: Labyrinth (Yes, the David Bowie one. Yes, the one with all the insane muppets and the bog of eternal stench.)
65 people turned up to enjoy the classic film, and the q&a by Ian Tregonning. It was remarked that the open delight and exclamations of the children in the audience really made the experience and reminded people why they enjoyed the film so much.


George A. Romero's: Land of the Dead (IMDB)
Cancelled due to lack of interest.

Unfamiliar Visions - Ghost Busters (IMDB)
45 people turned up to watch one of the funniest and best known cult films, with lines like 'Back off man - I'm a scientist'.


Howl's Moving Castle (IMDB)
69 people turned up for the advanced screening, and were wowed by the detailed brilliance of Miyazaki's direction and animation style. The classic book by Dianna Wynne-Jones has now become a gorgeous timeless animated feature.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (IMDB)
85 people arrived to ogle Johnny Depp in the much anticipated Tim Burton interpretation of this story. There was applause and most comments were positive - from the movie being closer to the book, to the difference in style so that it didn't appear to be competing with the previous movie.

Serenity (the Firefly movie)
I aim to misbehave" seems to be the catch cry of this movie, and 120 people turned up to do so. There was extensive group laughter and applause and not a few tears. This film is hailed as being the start of a new sci-fi era... and it would seem fans agree.


Night Watch (Trailer, Official Site)
57 people arrived to indulge in the gorgeous Russian movie, the first ofwhat promises to be a spectacular trilogy. It has come back with a very positive response - including the comment 'Best subtitles ever'. Not even remotely Hollywood-esque, and all the better for it, much more gritty than pretty.

Unfamiliar Visions October - The Nightmare Before Christmas
** Door prizes were sponsored by Empire Toys**
Report from this event coming soon.


Dungeons and Dragons: The Elemental Might
Report from this event coming soon.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
Report from this even coming soon.


Legend of Zorro - 10:40am (M)

Chronicles of Narnia - 2.40pm