The Convention

What is a Swancon?

Swancon is an annual convention that has been held in Perth for the past thirty years. Whether you enjoy Fantasy or Science Fiction, or are a fan of a particular movie, television show, book, graphic novel, game or any other media, you're sure to find something of interest at Swancon.

If you would like to come along to experience a Swancon, even if you've never been to one before, there are often introductory panels to help break the ice and help you feel more at home at Swancon. Swancon is run by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation (WASFF)

Swancon XXXI

Hearken, the words of El Presidente: Beloved of the People...

One dark dreary night, madness overtook me. It was no simple thing, not a fear of spiders but a creeping scourge. It was infectious in the way of the simplest words. Upon the telling to others, the vision would spread to them as like some dark cuthuloid thing. It would infuse and enthuse them, until it had us all in its grasp.

Be careful how you speak it. Whisper it with your hand shielding your mouth so that your lips cannot be read, and even then, you may find people hear it as if you had shouted.

"Renaissances" started as a whispered idea, and has grown to become something which I believe everyone will enjoy immensely. A SwanCon of ages: Rebirth, Remembrance and Revolution. Interactive, colourful, and interesting, pulling in all the fantastic facets of fan community we can find (And drag along). We plan for you a convention where you are an integral part, not just an attendee. The highest motive of the committee is fun for all; by having so many people involved we the committee can make time to have fun too.

We do this for the joy of the madness, to bring you the kind of convention that you will remember for many years to come. Where the meeting of new friends and old friends blurs and it becomes less something we have created, and more an event that you as the community have made your own.

- Generalissimo Ken McCaw, El Presidente Elect for Life & Beloved of the People

Swancon 2006 is being held on 3-6 March 2006 at the Acacia Hotel, Northbridge.

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