Other Conventions

"GenghisCon is a student-priced convention, filled with games, activities, panels, discussions, and workshops covering science fiction, fantasy, roleplaying, board games, and more."

Fandomedia: 19-20 November, 2005
The first in a series of three small conventions in Perth run under WASFF, the theme for this year is Humour: "Let me Entertain you".

Continuum: July 15-17, 2005
"Continuum is an annual Melbourne speculative fiction and pop culture convention celebrating creativity across genre and media. From hard-edge science fiction to high-flown fantasy, comic books to film noir, high culture to sub-culture - we sink our teeth into it all!"

Thylacon: Natcon 2005: June 10-13, 2005

Conjure: Natcon 2006: April 14-17, 2006
"In this festival of ideas and pop culture you'll meet writers, film-makers, animators, game designers, artists, journalists, scientists and philosophers... all exploring the genre of speculative fiction."

Perth Clubs and Societies

Gamer's Guild - Perth Gaming club

MAD - Murdoch Anime Directive

MARS - The Murdoch Alternative Reality Society

JAFWA - Japanese Animation Fans of Western Australia

UniSFA - The University Science Fiction Association

UWAnime - UWA Anime club

WASFF - Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation